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Empowering affirmations give The Fearless Bullet a modern look on a classic toy. With 10 powerful vibrating functions to explore, this bullet is small but mighty for use in a multitude of ways. The sleek tapered design targets the vibrations wherever you want them most at just the touch of a button,..
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Despite it’s tiny size, this bullet vibrator packs a powerful punch. With a slender silicone-coated design and 9 vibration modes to choose from, get ready for a full-forced climax enticing orgasm. This bullet vibrator has the latest magnetic recharging technology, making The Tiny One the ultimate tr..
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Our quietest vibrator to date, discover our best kept secret with our Whisper Vibe. Disguise your pleasure with complete confidence as the volume blends into your surroundings, and at just 35db, it’s comparable to the sound of a whisper. All there’s left for you to do is let go and enjoy the experie..
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7 Speed Quantum Vibrating Bullet 7 Speed Quantum Vibrating Bullet
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Increase your arousal with our Quantum bullet vibrator. Great for solo sessions or introducing to your foreplay, this bullet can be used to send strong vibrations directly to your clitoris. Being completely waterproof, explore the 7 different speeds whilst relaxing in the bath.• Targeting your clito..
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