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A set of three smooth and soft silicone dilators, used progressively to help gently ease vaginal tightness and anxiety relating to sexual intercourse.How to use:Start by relaxing, perhaps using one of the My Viv scented candles, and take things slowly. Hold the round end of the smallest dilator. Usi..
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This sleek, three-piece Pelvic Floor Training Set is designed to be used progressively to strengthen your internal muscles.How to use:Starting from the 40g weight, simply coat the ball with My Viv water-based lubricant, slowly insert into the vagina keeping the tail end outside the body and hold in ..
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Designed purely for external stimulation, the smooth Pebble Massager has a range of vibrations to stimulate you and is covered in a soft-touch silicone. The elegant pebble shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand whilst the tapered end is designed to target specific areas of your body.How to us..
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Indulge in My Viv Oil-Based Lubricant, created by experts using natural ingredients. This lubricant is PH balanced and has a long-lasting, silky texture.How to use:A small amount will go a long way with this lubricant, the luxurious feel will enhance your play, leaving your skin feeling nourished an..
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Slip into a hot bath and relax your body and mind with the My Viv Epsom Salt Soak. Infused with lavender essential oils, this natural remedy aims to calm your muscles and provide essential relief from stress.How to use:Set a serene atmosphere by lighting a My Viv Scented Candle, pour a generous amou..
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