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Why you should have a bra fit every 6 months.

Posted by Sharon 26/07/2019 0 Comment(s) Fashion,

As a piece of clothing that you wear every-single-day, there is no room for error. Good, well-fitting lingerie is the basis for every great outfit, and even better mood! Getting measured for a bra every six months may sound excessive but taking 15 minutes out of your day will ensure that you’re properly supported and sculpted, all year round.

Your bra size can fluctuate throughout the year for several reasons, so make sure you’re getting fitted every 6 months.


Getting fitted at 15 and assuming that you’ll stay the same size forever more is incorrect. Likewise, assuming that you can guess your size is wrong too. Getting a correctly fitted bra is something that our store staff go through rigorous training for. Find your perfect fit.


Contraception is known for causing an increase in the size of your breasts. Hormonal contraception such as ‘the pill’ contains estrogen and progestin which often lead to an increase in breast size.

The pill, injection, implant and Merina coil can all lead to a change in your boobs. Fluid retention, caused by the hormones engorges your boobs making them larger.

If you’ve recently changed your contraception, pop in and see us in store for a free bra fit.


During your cycle, your breasts can change dramatically. From becoming perky as you get closer to ovulation to them increasing in size afterwards. Having a range or bras which properly fit you during all phases of your cycle is important.

Ensure that you’re both comfortable and supported during tender times!


Weight gain can cause an increase in the size of your boobs and weight loss, the opposite. Many women complain that the first place they lose weight is off their chest so make sure you get fitted after any weight change.

Your diet can also affect your breasts – carbohydrate rich foods boost the production of insulin leading to fluid retention in your boobs, making them larger.

Pop into your local Ann Summers store for a FREE bra fit. 

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